Rocky Mountain Pecans was started in Fort Collins, Colorado by a woman who was looking for a low carbohydrate alternative to all the sweets she encountered during the holiday season. She found that the crunchy pecans with hot spices curbed the temptation of sweets.

The original savory flavor was a welcome change from sweets at holiday gatherings. She ordered pecans freshly harvested from Georgia each October since 2002, making the original flavor, calling them Rocky Mountain Pecans, and took them to family gatherings and friends at work. Some people loved the unique flavor and asked for the recipe.

By 2015, talk began to surface about making the pecans a business someday. That day came sooner than expected in fall 2016. She took the plunge and dived into setting up an actual pecan business in a commissary kitchen with wholesale and retail food licenses.

Evelyn Knowles, founder of Rocky Mountain Pecans