Our ingredients are simple, like home-cooking, and contain:

  • No Gluten
  • No Preservatives
  • No Added Color
  • No Soy
  • No Artificial Sweeteners

Dairy free flavors are:

  • Barbeque Honey
  • Black Forest Cherry 
  • Mocha Mint
  • Savory Honey
"I love the different flavors of these pecans. They make such great gifts too!" - C. Dieken

Holiday Sampler has four flavors.

Autumn Honey *Campfire Roast
Black Forest Cherry *Mocha Mint    

One package of each flavor.

Snack Size Roasted Pecans
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Pecan Flavors - 2 oz. sizes available for purchase online.

Campfire Roast Roasted Pecans
Campfire Roast
Campfire Roast is our original flavor. We use Colorado honey and butter with savory organic spices and a touch of cayenne pepper. It starts off mildly sweet, but salty, and ends up hot! Retail price $5.99
Autumn Honey Roasted Pecans
Autumn Honey

Autumn Honey uses honey from bees who have pollinated pumpkin flowering vines, and butter. Sugar and spices associated with pumpkin pie give it a traditional autumn taste. Retail price $5.99

Cherry Blossom Roasted Pecans
Black Forest Cherry

Black Forest Cherry is a perfectly balanced blend of cocoa with both sweet and tart cherries, reminiscent of German Black Forest Cake. Uses cocoa butter to be dairy free. Retail price $6.99

Savory Honey Roasted Pecans
Savory Honey

Honey with Non-GMO high oleic sunflower oil makes this dairy free. The mildly sweet flavor is from the honey. Rich aromatic organic spices give it a sweet and savory taste.  Retail price $5.99

Mocha Mint Roasted Pecans
Mocha Mint

Honey with cocoa and cocoa butter makes this dairy free and peppermint gives a taste of the winter holidays. Then powdered sugar is sprinkled on top to make the dark cocoa sweeter. Retail price $6.49

Barbecue Honey Roasted Pecans
Barbeque Honey

Barbeque Honey is our newest flavor.  It is sweet with a tomato base, Kansas City Style. The flavor is mild enough to still taste the pecans.
Retail price $5.99

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