Recently I met a goal of mine to lose 20 pounds, so I look for ways to satisfy cravings for sweets, without putting the pounds back on.  Rocky Mountain Pecans fit my diet perfectly.  They’re a fresh and delicious little shot of protein - my favorite flavor, Autumn Honey, is slightly soft, slightly sweet, with a hint of salt, in a resealable bag.  It’s a great way to curb my appetite, eat healthy and treat myself at the same time!  Yummm!   -   
Fort Collins

"Yes, We Pecan" - Coloradoan Newspaper covered our story. You can download a copy here by clicking on the image below

Yes, We pacan

I’ve tasted each yummy flavor of Rocky Mountain Pecans, and my favorite is Campfire Roast. Pecans always pair nicely with sweet, but Campfire Roast also adds spices reminiscent of curry that warm the palate with a full-bodied umami taste. I’ve enjoyed Campfire Roast pecans as an appetizer with before-dinner cocktails, with a cold summertime beer, and as a satisfying between-meal snack that curbs the appetite but doesn’t ruin dinner. All the flavors are delicious, but my recommendation? Campfire Roast!
Lynn, Lincoln, Nebraska

"Rocky Mountain Pecans provides our customers with a little sweet and savory snack to enjoy along with a pint in our taproom. Evelyn is a pleasure to work with and delivers her delicious product to us quickly and efficiently

Josie Bjorklund, Taproom Manager, Loveland Aleworks

Smart Snack Package


Rocky Mountain Pecans started delivering the Smart Snack size pecans to Loveland Aleworks in September 2018 and they have reordered every month.